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  • MA-10UD

    The Toughest Altimaster Yet

    Compressed Scale MA-10UD
    Linear Scale MA-10UD
    • ROBUST stepper motor mechanism
    • 0-40,000 FEET dual scale operation
    • Use in simple "zero" mode for training, or program DZ altitude and DZ barometric pressure for operational use. Can be programmed in-flight
    • Easily accessible battery compartment
    • 100 hrs+ battery life (L91 AA Lithium)
    • Electroluminescent backlight
    • Rugged aluminum frame
    • Waterproof down to 6 feet of water (note: for the batteries to be changed quickly and without tools, he battery compartment is not waterproof)
    • One piece wrist strap, no tools required to change
    • No knobs or protrusions
    • -40+80 deg C operation (L91 AA Lithium Battery)
    • Dimensions are smaller than the original MA2-30 military Altimaster design

    MA-10 Design verification tests

    Run over by a truck.
    Operation below -40 deg C
    30 minutes tumbling in sand
    and fine dust

    MA10UD is designed for high altitude (40,000 FEET MSL) military operations. On the compressed scale model, the single revolution eliminates altitude confusion while maintaining the traditional Altimaster dial face below 8000'.

    Since the scale is controlled by the embedded software, the user can specify the scale design when placing an order, i.e. MA-10UD can be supplied with a dial face that is identical to MA2-30.

    For training purposes the instrument has a simple zero function. For operational use the DZ altitude and barometric pressure may be programmed in-flight; MA-10UD will display the correct AGL altitude above the DZ. Each unit can be programmed from the device itself, or with the MA-10 UD Transmitter (sold separately).

    The unit is based on a stepper motor design and is extremely robust; dropping the instrument will not damage the mechanism.

    The embedded software is updateable.

    Electroluminescent lighting
    (Shown on MA8-30 face)
    Function buttons are suitable for use
    with cold weather gloves
    User Manual (Linear Scale)
    User Manual (Compressed Scale)
    NSN 6660-01-540-8562
    (Linear Scale, Feet; No NSN for others)

    Available through Alti-2 Dealers