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  • Galaxy

    Altimaster Galaxy

    . . . the most popular sport skydiving altimeter in the world - and for good reason!
    Available through Alti-2 Dealers NSN 6610-01-519-3004
    (Glow Face Feet; No NSN for others)
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    • User-replaceable lens
    • A choice of dial face display options: white or glow face, feet or metres
    • Large, bold numbers that are easy to read
    • Engraved serial number
    • Robust machined aluminum casing available in a variety of colors
    • Sturdy hand mount (wrist mount available as an optional accessory)

    Galaxy has an altitude range of 18,000 feet MSL, marked in 250 foot increments. The face of Galaxy is highlighted with a yellow caution and red warning arc that starts at 3,000 feet. Galaxy contains a durable mechanism made from temperature compensating metals for minimal friction and precision accuracy.


    DZ Pink - See our DZ program

    Available in popular "Glow Face" or traditional "White Face"

    Both dial faces are available in feet or metres in all colors:

    White Face*
    Glow Face+

    * White face does not glow in the dark.

    + Glow face is phosphorescent & provides a background glow to assist in low light conditions. The glow lasts over 2 hours in complete darkness.

    Galaxy comes standard with a sturdy hand mount and VelcroTM wrist strap, which can be cut to fit: Optional wrist mounts are available from your favorite Alti-2 dealer: You can also find replacement VelcroTM wrist straps and lenses from any Alti-2 dealer: Galaxy
    user-replaceable lens