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  • Part Numbers & Descriptions

    FP-02152 Chronos
    FP-02149 Atlas [Specify Color]
    FP-02055 Galaxy Glow Face (Feet) [Specify Color] NSN 6610-01-519-3004
    FP-02056 Galaxy Glow Face (Metres) [Specify Color]
    FP-02070 Galaxy White Face (Feet) [Specify Color]
    FP-02090 Galaxy White Face (Metres) [Specify Color]
    FP-02085 Galaxy Extreme Glow Face (Feet)
    FP-02088 Galaxy Extreme White Face (Feet)
    FP-02089 Galaxy Extreme White Face (Metres)
    FP-02051 Altimaster II (Feet) NSN 6660-01-442-5751
    FP-02052 Altimaster II (Metres)
    FP-02050 Altimaster II (Feet) DZ Pink Edition

    Discontinued Sport Products

    FP-02146 Neptune Tactical MA-12 (InHg Model)
    FP-02150 Neptune Tactical MA-12 (mBar Model)
    FP-02093 MA-10UD Compressed (Feet)
    FP-02096 MA-10UD Linear (Feet) NSN 6660-01-540-8562
    FP-02120 MA-10UD Compressed (Metres)
    FP-02121 MA-10UD Linear (Metres)
    FP-02118 MA-10UD Transmitter

    Discontinued Military Products

    FP-02079 TC-10 (110v) NSN 6625-01-544-0273
    FP-02078 TC-10 (220v)
    FP-02084 TC-21/22 (110v)
    FP-02122 TC-21/22 (220v)
    C-01181 Reference Altimeter for TC-10 and TC-21/22

    C-00089 Alti-2 T-Shirt (Ladies' Short Sleeve)
    C-00090 Alti-2 T-Shirt (Men's Short Sleeve)
    C-00095 Altimaster Watch
    C-00094 Altimaster Wall Clock
    FP-02148 Atlas Elastic Wrist Band Mount [Specify Size]
    FP-02147 N3 Elastic Wrist Band Mount [Specify Size]
    FP-02140 Hard Mounting Kit for Atlas or N3
    C-01963 Strap Mount Case for Atlas or N3
    C-01964 Strap Mount Plate for Atlas or N3
    FP-02091 Paralog CD
    C-01139 Hand Mount for Galaxy (Thin O-Ring)
    C-00062 Hand Mount for Galaxy (Thick O-Ring) NSN 6645-01-519-3005
    C-00046 Narrow Wrist Strap (1 Inch) NSN 6645-01-519-3003
    C-00041 Strap Mount Plate for Galaxy or Galaxy Extreme NSN 6610-01-519-3006
    C-00042 Screw for Galaxy or Galaxy Extreme NSN 5305-01-519-2918
    C-00046W Wide Wrist Strap (1 1/2 Inch) NSN 6645-01-519-3007
    FP-02135 Galaxy Replacement Lens NSN 6650-01-519-3326
    FP-02134 Altimaster II Replacement Lens NSN 5355-01-557-3348
    FP-02130 Altimaster II Wrist Mount Kit
    FP-02129 Altimaster II U-Brackets & Screws
    C-00009 Altimaster II U-Bracket
    C-00048 Altimaster II Wrist Strap
    FP-02131 Altimaster II Light Retention Sleeve Kit

    C-02187 MA-12 Mounting Bracket
    C-01133 MA-12 Screw
    C-01091BC MA-12 or MA-10UD Wrist Strap (15 Inch) NSN 6645-01-554-2871
    C-01091ABC MA-12 or MA-10UD Wrist Strap (17 Inch)
    C-02196 MA-12 Chemical Hand Warmers (2)
    C-01301 MA-10UD Lens Protector NSN 6660-01-554-2870
    C-01325 Battery - AA Lithium
    FP-02134 MA2-30/MA3-30 Replacement Lens
    FP-02130 MA2-30/MA3-30 Wrist Mount Kit
    FP-02129 MA2-30/MA3-30 U-Brackets & Screws
    C-00009 MA2-30/MA3-30 U-Bracket
    C-00048 MA2-30/MA3-30 Wrist Strap
    FP-02131 MA2-30/MA3-30 Light Retention Sleeve Kit
    SA-02049 MA2-30/MA3-30 Switch Cap Assembly
    FP-02100 Field Support Kit