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    by Published on Mar 17, 15 14:18
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    Help us welcome our new sport product *Atlas* to the skydiving world!

    Atlas has all the proven functionality of N3 with reduced edges and ...
    by Published on Jan 29, 15 05:41

    Today we bid a fond farewell to our old friend MA2-30, which has been discontinued and removed from our product line. Declining availability and increasing cost of precision mechanical parts has made further production cost-prohibitive; quite frankly we would be forced to put MA2-30 at a price point where demand dwindles to a level unworthy of the respect this solid performer deserves.

    MA2-30 has been in use by military forces worldwide since 1968, and there are hundreds in use in the sport world as well. Alti-2 carried on production of this quality instrument when it acquired the manufacturing rights from SSE, Inc. in 1999. Other than small improvements to the wrist strap and the addition of the chemical light attachment the original design has remained largely unchanged.

    The final MA2-30 to come off our assembly line here in DeLand, FL will not leave our Production floor ? it will be displayed in a shadow box as a reminder of its significant part in our design heraldry.

    Another model in the series, MA3-30, will be also be discontinued when our limited existing supply of parts is exhausted. Alti-2 will continue to repair and service both models briefly subject to availability of parts.

    MA2-30?s sister product is the more robust MA-10, in production since 2007, which features an electronic stepper motor, highly accurate pressure sensors, backlit display available in feet or meters, two dial face scale options, and in-flight programming using the device itself or the MA-10UD Transmitter.

    Our next generation military altimeter is currently in development and will make its debut later this year. Smaller and lighter than MA-10, this new instrument will feature an electronic pressure sensor, digital display, waterproof ruggedized case, universal mounting capability, and will be programmable in-flight. Watch for product announcements on our Facebook page and right here in our Alti-2 Forums.

    Alti-2 products are currently featured in a safety article on (link below). Many thanks to our good friends in that one-of-a-kind worldwide virtual skydiving community for having us - we look forward to much more interaction in the future.

    Link to article
    Published on Apr 23, 14 14:09

    For those of you anxiously awaiting compatibility of the NMU with Paralog your dream has come true!

    Through mutual agreement between Alti-2 Inc. and Paralog, Alti-2's Neptune Maintenance Utility (NMU) functionality has been integrated into the newest version, Paralog 8 that has been released today!

    Below is the link, try it out and enjoy!

    John Hawke joins us as General Manager after 30 years with the US Army, including 25 years active duty and 23 years working for the Army's premier Special Mission Unit. John is an experienced Sport and Military Free Fall parachutist, his credentials include Military Free Fall Jumpmaster & Instructor, SMU MFF Instructor, and Military Tandem Examiner.

    On the sport side, John has been an active jumper since 1989, and is a USPA Tandem Instructor/Examiner (UPT Sigma), USPA Coach Examiner, USPA AFF Designated Evaluator, and FAA Master Rigger.
    Published on Feb 5, 14 14:14

    It's time to check out the new Alti-2 Wall Clock. If you are interested in placing an order simply email Sandy Moore at or you may place a phone order by calling 386-279-7982.
    by Published on Nov 25, 13 07:50

    Alti-2 would like to congratulate Ramon Medeiros for being the winner of the Alti-2 poster contest. We would also like to thank all of you that participated.