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    All Alti-2 products are built by hand in DeLand, Florida, USA

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    Other electronic devices publish battery life specifications in hours. If you are like us, you don't find that very useful. Putting your new device into daily practical use to see how it performs provides the best feedback. We decided to do exactly that . . .

    We have decided to launch something new here on our website... we bring to you the Alti-2 Athlete Profile Spotlight! Ryan Patrick, the founder of Stay Awesome Productions not only loves our products but agreed to an informal interview. Here is our First Athlete Profile. Check out Ryan's work on Instagram and Facebook too!

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    MA-12 is a new class of military altimeter that has been a long time coming. In response to many military end-user requests, we have rolled the best of our military and sport instrument design features into one new product to start a new chapter in Military Free Fall equipment.

    MA-12 is significantly smaller and lighter than other military altimeters, creating an extremely low-profile equipment footprint. Four screw holes in the bottom shell allow this newcomer to be mounted in the familiar left wrist location (using the wrist bracket and strap provided with each unit), or on a navigation board. The display can be flipped to allow easy access to buttons and USB port when mounted with other components.

    High visibility altitude reference information is provided to the jumper through a backlit digital display with large easy to read numbers. The on-board electronic pressure sensor delivers an extremely high level of accuracy up to 40,000 FT MSL at temperatures down to -40 degrees. The wrist mount bracket includes a slot for a commonly available chemical hand warmer to provide heat to the LCD screen.

    The USB rechargeable Lithium Ion battery provides long battery life and ease of use - no batteries to replace. The ruggedized machined aluminum case and protective lens will tolerate a 1 meter drop onto concrete, and MA-12 is waterproof for 6 FT for up to 1 hour.

    MA-12's most distinguishing feature? It's programmable! For end-users accustomed to our mechanical altimeters like MA2-30, MA-12 can be set to zero for training operations or set using a simple manual offset technique. For those familiar with MA-10UD, MA-12 is much easier to program from the device itself and the digital display ensures precise user input. This device has two modes that can be set in-flight for real-world or tactical training operations.

    Please see the MA-12 Product Page and MA-12 Discussion Forum for more detailed information.
    by Published on Aug 27, 15 05:46

    Thanks to the efforts of Marketing and Sales Manager Curt Vogelsang (with a little help from his friends) Alti-2's Social Media presence has increased significantly. You can find and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Links to each of our sites can be found in this forum post.

    We have set aggressive goals for increasing user engagement . . . there's no telling what might be in store for the lucky Alti-2 fan who helps us get over our next hurdle!?! SO . . . Like, Follow, Share, Invite . . . and see what happens!