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Alti-2, Incorporated
1200 Flightline Blvd - Suite 5
DeLand, FL 32724

+1 386-943-9333

Open Monday - Thursday 
7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time
Closed Friday

Alti-2, Inc. is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

Alti-2 does not sell direct; all products are sold through our Dealer Network.

Roger Allen
President / Owner


Started jumping in the UK in the 70’s (can’t remember exactly when), since then 3000+ jumps and several world records including the 400 way in Thailand. Competed locally and nationally with team “Flashpoint” a super serious (NOT) 4-way team with Kathy Allen (Grix), Bob Domeier, and Jeanni McAbee (my piece partner). Scariest sport jump – 50 way night jump at Elsinore, most fun jumps – listening to Jeanni shriek with laughter in freefall during serious training jumps.



Mechanical Engineer, 20+ patents for a variety of devices, designed twin loop capstan winches, compressed air guns (from small to very big air guns, like 300mm caliber with a 5m barrel), guided missiles, and many different types of altimeters for sport and military parachuting. Have been running companies for the last 30 years, might get the hang of it soon.

Kathy Grix

VP of Finance / Owner



3,500+ jumps, 7 World Record’s and a few US National Medals….. it all began while serving with the US Air Force in Grand Forks, North Dakota. I made my first skydive on a static line using a 7TU canopy, belly wart reserve, with shot and a half cape wells. Five of us jumped from a rented plane, the door and seats were removed when the pilot landed on a grass runway in the middle of a local farmer’s potato field.  At the end of the day the door and seats were reattached and the plane was returned to the rental company who were none the wiser.  That was May 7, 1977, the day my life changed forever.



Alti-2 started July, 1999, in the back bedroom of my house in Walled Lake, Michigan. Initially Steve Snyder, owner of SSE, sold the manufacturing rights to Alti-2 to produce the Altimaster II and Altimaster III and later the MA2-30.   In 2002, Alti-2 relocated to Deland, Florida and introduced the first all-in-one digital/audible, waterproof Altimeter, the Neptune.  Since the Neptune, skydivers have enjoyed the Altimaster Galaxy, Neptune-2, N3, N3 Audio, Atlas, MA-8, MA-10 and MA-12.