Logbook Date Bug

A bug has been discovered which affects the logbook of Neptune, N3, and Atlas.

The problem is associated with the way the date of a jump is encoded and stored in the logbook, the problem is basically a date overflow, the year number has exceeded the range that can be stored.

The result is that month and year will not be stored correctly, for example August 4 2017 will be recorded as December 4 2006.

If you use Paralog, a work around has been provided so that the date is corrected as it is read from the unit and the Paralog logbook will be correct. A link to this version of Paralog is here. Please note that this does not correct the date stored in the unit.

We are working on a firmware upgrade to fix the bug, and it will then be tested locally before it is released.

This problem only affects the date in the logbook, it has no effect of the function of the unit as an altimeter.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.



If you are updating an Atlas you will be prompted to put the altimeter into "Bootloader", this video will help you with that process.


If you use Paralog. after the firmware upgrade you must also upgrade Paralog to at least version 8.6