Instructor Incentive Program

We are well aware that Instructors have considerable influence over the equipment that a student buys. Many Instructors have supported Alti-2 over the years and we are very grateful for their effort and loyalty.

The Instructor Incentive Program (IIP) is intended to be a practical and direct way of thanking Instructors who recommend our products.

The program is simple. If you wish to participate please submit the registration form below and if you qualify we will respond with a unique instructor code.


When you recommend an Altimaster Altimeter give the purchaser your code, and encourage them to register their altimeter on this website - the registration form has a box where they enter your code.

When we receive a registration with your IIP code, we will send a cash donation to your PayPal account (you must have a PayPal account to participate)

The value of the incentive will vary depending on the product and any promotions that we are running at the time, but to give you an idea we expect the incentives to be in the range of $10 for each altimeter.

A condition of the program is that you make sure your participation is OK with the DZ Owner, we don't know why they would object, but still, it's their DZ and we don't want to cause any problems.

NEWS: The IIP program is now WORLD WIDE!!


The fine print:

  • This program is intended to thank instructors for recommending our products to students and individual skydivers, we reserve the right to exclude sales that don’t fit in this category.

  • The value of the “Thank You” will vary with product and promotions that may be active

  • The program may change without notice.