Paralog / NMU

Paralog (without /NMU) is a third party product produced by Klaus Rheinwald -

The NMU (Originally meaning Neptune Maintenance Utility) was a separate program produced by Alti-2 and 

which is now incorporated into Paralog. The NMU allows quick and easy access to altimeter settings.

Paralog / NMU

NMU - Standalone version 3.4.4 (Obsolete)

This windows version of the NMU has been replaced by V8 Paralog that includes NMU functionality.

It is available here for backwards compatibility.

Windows USB Drivers (Obsolete)

Please note that generic USB drivers built into recent versions of Windows should allow connection to Altimaster products and additional drivers are now not required. However, the button below will take you to the old, now obsolete drivers.

Only use this procedure if you are NOT able to connect to the internet at the time the drivers need to be installed. The drivers are available through Windows Update, see this link for details.

First, download and run the attached MSI while you are still able to do so. Once this is done, save these instructions so you can refer to them later.

Next, if you have drivers for N3 already on your system, uninstall them using Device Manager.

If you have XP or Vista, plug in N3 or N3A and follow the instructions on the screen. Do not allow Windows to search online for drivers - tell it to look in a specific location. The drivers will be in Program Files or Program Files (x86), under Alti-2\Altimaster USB Drivers WHQL 2.06.00.
Windows will lead you through the installation of the USB driver, then after a delay, through the installation of the Virtual Communications Port driver.


Neptune / IR 

Neptune was released 15 years ago and since that time computer operating systems have virtually eliminated support for IR communication. Regrettably we can no longer support Neptune IR downloads.